Anglo Indian Affairs was formed back in 2007 by Iain when based in Australia. Back in those days the general interest was in GB and India stamps. Originally it was a typical venture to buy and sell in those areas, to facilitate collecting that got out of hand. In 2008 now based back in the UK, AIA became a business seller on eBay UK, and began specialising more on GB Edward VII & British India material. By 2009 AIA began to acquire more significant collections and stock - especially relating to the advanced shades of GB Edward VII & the earlier issues of British India Philately. These journey's often take a progression of there own!

In 2012, Anglo Indian Affairs began reducing activity in buying GB Edward, and concentrating more in the Indian philatelic market. During the next few years AIA became a more significant player, in terms of buying globally, and selling Indian stamps globally via the eBay UK platform, in auction style lots with a very low starting price of 1.50 GBP - Irrespective of market or catalogue value! A ground breaking selling strategy, not emulated by any other significant dealers.

Due to our more prominent position in the Indian market, AIA began to expand its acquisitions to a broader swathe of most aspects of Indian philately, Now among the most active global buyers, our extensive specialised ever-changing stock is sold to the active world market, still mainly via, but also increasingly via private sales. Hence, our wonderful new AIA eCommerce website.
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