AIA will add important or extensive collections, or partial collections, that might be highlighted in certain ways, depending on the characteristics of the material acquired.   

Featured collections, or part collections, will indicate what kind of material might soon appear in our shop or gallery, and on eBay UK.  

Hopefully, with the aid of selective scans, and downloadable PDF sections, this ongoing project might become a useful archive for others!

Raymond John Benns Collection (1936 - 1991)

Ray Benns was born in Suffolk on January 12 1936 and his tragically early death at the beginning of October 1991, at the age of just 55, was not only a devastating blow for his wife and son, but also for serious collectors of Indian States around the world. ...

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Extensive Collection - Early Postmark Study on DLR Covers (1855-1880s)

Wonderful specialized collection of about 1000 covers and postal stationery items all written up on display pages, sub-divided by many specialised postmark types. ...

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