India Lithograph QV 1854 SG21b 4a Blue & Bright Red Jatia Stone L1 w/Cert GU CV£3250
Fine Indian Philately

India Lithograph QV 1854 SG21b 4a Blue & Bright Red Jatia Stone L1 w/Cert GU CV£3250

Rare retouched example in my view – 3rd Printing Head Die IIIA [D N Jatia (p.19) noted, ‘the comma was "bumped out, and fresh, fine lines, a characteristic of IIIA, were added – This crudely drawn worn state retouch of almost entire head is probably very rare – Martin & Smythies note (p.32) they had seen only 1 or 2 and their extent are not detailed – Especially note solid blue under chin contrasting lower neck to bust very weak no outline, or solid stars on jewels in contrast to incomplete outline to front of crown! – Martin & Smythies Plate 6 shows a quite similar example on position 1 (1st stamp) rather than position 9 as in this case – Also notable is the uncharacteristic deep dull blue shade] – Frame Die I [Typical third printing brighter red shade - Jatia stone L1 frame based on inner pearls at 3 o’clock strengthened with red flaw NE over grill bar] - An example of this head with L1 stone is known in pair with posiiton 10 in the Queens collection! – Wide spacing/setting watermark position 4 inverted and reversed sheet position 9 – PM type 1 (JC) – Recent 2019 BPA certificate noting ‘cancel puncturing paper below neck’

4 close margins very fresh quite attractive appearance two minute inconsequential postmark stike punctures above R A, with other PM dots above F of four (lower line of dots) with microscopic paper stress punctures just visible held to light, plus tiniest scuff-thin very difficult to see not mentioned on cert - possibly recognised as part of watermark outer ring lettering – Still a very decent example overall!

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