India Off 1866-72 SGO7b ½a Pale Blue – No Dot w/Cert Scarce PM 3 FU CV£800+
Fine Indian Philately

India Off 1866-72 SGO7b a Pale Blue No Dot w/Cert Scarce PM 3 FU CV800+

Very scarce combination of very early official De La Rue Printing with OPT type O1 variety no dot on I (constant on sheet position 50) and scarce PM type 12a (JC) subtype smaller diamond with numeral only inset in use between 1867-74 period in the Madras postal sub-region 3 Although not recorded by Martin (Numbers in Early Indian Cancellations 1855-1884 Martin D.R., Col: pp144: 1970 p.56) post 1864 the numeral probably relates to Madras City suburb S.P.O. 3 Egmore (Chennai) Recent clear 2019 BPA certificate.

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